Many procurement and supply chain functions struggle to deliver long- term sustainable value to their organization.

This is down to a fundamental lack in the effectiveness and efficiency in the function. CGC Consulting adopts a holistic approach in delivering value to the organization by working “shoulder to shoulder” with the client’s organization.

CGC uses tried and tested methodologies in designing a procurement and supply chain transformation program for our clients that delivers long term sustainable value.

Our approach covers the following steps:


Understand the maturity of the function and uncover issues and root causes.


Provide world class practice advice relevant to the situation.


Fit for purpose joint design with a long-term implementation journey in mind.


Integrate people, processes and technology implementation and transition.


Sustainability is the ultimate measure of success.


Continuous development and improvement.

Our clear, consistent, but tailored approach makes us distinctive in building our clients into world class procurement and supply chain leaders.


Our high-level approach:

  •  Development of the procurement and supply chain strategy aligned to the business strategy.
  • Selecting the Procurement and supply chain operating model that best supports the functional strategy.
  • Optimisation of procurement and supply chain processes, driving a lean approach
  • Supported by a well thought through people management strategy
  • Technology selection to support functional efficiency

Sustainable impact is our focus and how we measure our success.

CGC Consulting have seasoned procurement and supply chain experts leading these engagements bringing in global best practices, tools and templates, global market intelligence and technology appropriate solutions.