CGC Consulting has a wealth of experience in developing supplier/ enterprise development strategies and programs for major global and local companies.We have strong functional expertise in this area with both private and public organizations.

Our methodology ensures the following aspects are well covered:

  • The transformation agenda.
  • Industrialization agenda.
  • Localisation of opportunities.
  • Supplier capability development.
  • Skills development.
  • A structured job creation approach.

CGC Consulting has numerous successful case studies of well implemented supplier and enterprise development programs that have supported the client’s strategy and ensured full compliance to the government legislation.

For the company’s’ socio – economic operating model to work CGC Consulting focuses on the following areas:

  • Business Processes.
  • The Procurement and supply chain service delivery model.
  • The organizational effectiveness and people management approach.
  • Compliance, risk and governance.
  • Performance management and dashboard reporting.
  • Technology enablement.