A well-defined strategic sourcing and category management process can support the companies cost reduction program. CGC Consulting through our tools, templates and methodology can derived savings in the region of 10-15% of total procurement spend.

• Category Planning.
• Spend consolidation.
• Total Cost of Ownership programs.
• Should Cost modelling.
• Design to Cost programs.
• Negotiation simulation programs.
• Contract management techniques.
• Supplier Relationship management program.
• Innovation centric procurement programs .
• introducing supply side disruptive technology to the business.

Procurement and supply chain has great potential to reduce costs within organization.

It also plays a pivotal role in targeted value creation. CGC Consulting is well positioned to use our unique approach to ensure our clients’ meet their value creation targets.

Our clear, consistent, but tailored approach makes us distinctive in building our clients into world class procurement and supply chain leaders.

Our high-level approach:

  • Development of the procurement and supply chain strategy aligned to the business strategy.
  • Selecting the Procurement and supply chain operating model that best supports the functional strategy.
  • Optimisation of procurement and supply chain processes, driving a lean approach
  • Supported by a well thought through people management strategy
  • Technology selection to support functional efficiency

Sustainable impact is our focus and how we measure our success.

CGC Consulting have seasoned procurement and supply chain experts leading these engagements bringing in global best practices, tools and templates, global market intelligence and technology appropriate solutions.